Taboo Treats Liz Andrews

ISBN: 9781419958342

Published: November 6th 2008


330 pages


Taboo Treats  by  Liz Andrews

Taboo Treats by Liz Andrews
November 6th 2008 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 330 pages | ISBN: 9781419958342 | 4.23 Mb

Tricks and Treats - An Extreme Haunting By Cheryl Dragon Sean OBrien inherits an old Irish castle, believing that the rumors of its haunting by an ancestor who kept a harem are ridiculous--until the ghostly influence destroys his inhibitions. HisMoreTricks and Treats - An Extreme Haunting By Cheryl Dragon Sean OBrien inherits an old Irish castle, believing that the rumors of its haunting by an ancestor who kept a harem are ridiculous--until the ghostly influence destroys his inhibitions.

His Dom side is exposed and hes taking everything he wants from the sexy, submissive ghost hunter alone with him.Dana Rayne is hired to cleanse the castle of ghosts but they are stronger than any shes ever faced. Sean is stunned by their effect on him but Dana is more than willing to be the sub in Seans kinky dungeon built for sex.

The ghosts refuse to leave and grow stronger as Halloween nears. As Dana and Sean explore their deepest fantasies, the ghosts attempt to act out their own deadly desires.Tricks and Treats - Feast of the Flesh By A.D. Christopher , A.D. ChristopherAfter centuries wandering the mists of the Otherworld, Caradoc, a former river god, returns to Earth on Samhain to have his revenge against his lover, Padraig.

In ancient times, Padraig swore allegiance to the new god, betraying his oath to Caradoc and banishing him from the earthly plane. Now Caradoc has one night to make Padraig pay, with a brand of erotic torture Padraig wont forget.Patrick never dreams the man who interrupts his tribes Samhain ritual wants more than just a passionate encounter in the woods. But as memories of his past life return, Patrick knows he must make amends to Caradoc and prove to him that the sins of the past dont have to haunt their future.Is one night long enough to bring two souls back together forever?Tricks and Treats - Tied and Tempting By Maggie CasperNash Jameson wasnt at all sure Mira Collins would show up and if she did, would it lead anywhere?

Dominant by nature, hed been attracted to Miras submissiveness since the day theyd met. Would she follow him down a road of desire that could very possibly lead her into a lifestyle most only fantasize about?Going to a costume party at a local BDSM club in order to seduce the man of her dreams might not be the norm but it was exactly what she had planned. Being tied and spanked however, was not in her plans and yet felt like icing on the cake of a night overwhelmed by new sexual experiences and an awareness of herself unlike any Mira had ever known.Tricks and Treats - Hankie Pankie By Liz AndrewsWhen Amie Taggert discovers an invitation for a BDSM Halloween party on her boyfriends computer, shes concerned hes unsatisfied with their relationship.

Wanting to show him shes willing to try anything once, Amie signs them up. Imagine her surprise when she discovers hes clueless about the event.Eric Hammond wonders if this is Amies way of saying shes interested in spicing up their love life. Hes more than willing to be adventuresome in the bedroom.If the exotic rooms at the club are any indication, Halloween will be a night of hankie pankie neither will forget.Tricks and Treats - Raising the Dead By Angelia SparrowShane Davis is a bestselling author of horror and thrillers.

But when his lover, Victor, needs more kink and domination than hes comfortable with, he finds himself sliding deeper into the head of his psychopathic character. A sideline story and some ancient Egyptian magic on Halloween resurrect their relationship and Victors own toppish side in highly erotic ways.Tricks and Treats - Nothing to Fear By Natasha MooreMasons dark good looks and domineering personality give Kelly all sorts of forbidden fantasies that frighten her.

When she agrees to help out at the community Halloween haunted house, she never expects to be tied to a bed, playing damsel in distress to Masons masked, whip-wielding villain.Kelly cant run away from Mason this time. He knows shes fighting her sexual needs and he hopes that a few hours of playing out her fantasies with him will prove to her that bondage -- and Mason -- are nothing to fear.Tricks and Treats - Riding the Wolf By Carol LynneAfter fifteen years Daylon Glover is coming home to the town of Crunup, Wisconsin.

Back to the were haven founded a hundred years ago. Back to the one person who is his true mate.Eli Withers, the soon-to-be Alpha of the Crunup pack, married young to please his Alpha father. Now, fifteen years later, he is divorced and still in love with his best friend and true mate.When Daylon walks back into Elis life, how will they be able to resist the call of their inner wolves?

Is the Crunup pack ready for a gay Alpha? Or will Eli once again sacrifice his and Daylons happiness for the sake of the pack?

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