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Abra Cadaver  by  James Tucker

Abra Cadaver by James Tucker
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A dead body is fished out of the Allegheny River near Pittsburgh.The coroner determines that the victim had died of natural causes- theres nosign of foul play. But the body was already embalmed! “I can’t makeany sense of it, the coroner says, there’s something missing.”A year later, Dr. Jack Merlin, a young surgeon, makes a harrowingdiscovery.

One of the cadavers being dissected by the medical students in thegross anatomy lab – affectionately nicknamed Abra – was his best friend and roommate who had disappeared months earlier.Merlin is an amateur magician. He teams up with Tory Welch, a rookieAssistant District Attorney, and combines his skills in magic andmedicine to solve the mystery of the two bodies, track the killer andavoid becoming yet another victim.Replete with comedy, drama and sleight-of-hand, real-life doctor andamateur magician James Tucker unveils the anatomy of murder in thisfun, offbeat crime thriller.

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