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Damnation Alley  by  Roger Zelazny

Damnation Alley by Roger Zelazny
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Hell Tanner isnt the sort of guy youd mistake for a hero: hes a fast-driving car thief, a smuggler, & a stone-cold killer. Facing life in prison for his various crimes, hes given a choice: Rot away his remaining years in a tiny jail cell, or drive cross-country & deliver a case of antiserum to the plague-ridden people of Boston, Mass. The chance of a full pardon does wonders for getting his attention. And dont mistake this mission of mercy for any kind of normal road trip--not when there are radioactive storms, hordes of carnivorous beasts, & giant, mutated scorpions to be found along every deadly mile between LA & the East Coast.

But then, this is no normal part of America, you see. This is Damnation Alley.

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